Smooth Delivery


Smooth Delivery combined as a quartet in April 2023.  All are members of Wellington City Chorus.  Having sung in a variety of quartets over a number of years, and having competed in regional chorus and quartet contests, each member has experience to draw upon and contribute to the whole.  Only one of the quartet members sings the same voice part that they sing in their Chorus. 

Working from North to South, Sandy (Lead) lives in Waitara and says that her dogs howl to Barbershop singing.  Sandy and her husband, together with family members, run a very successful tree nursery.

Nancy  (Bass) resides in Wellington – Nancy says that her husband is a great supporter, only because he gets spoiled with homemade cakes and biscuits from her quartet friends.  Secretly, she really hates baking.   Currently, she’s on the hunt for a new home and hopes to retire to the sunny Kapiti Coast.

Lou (Tenor) sings with multiple choirs and some smaller singing groups – so many that she hardly ever needs to do warmups.  She runs a very successful B&B overlooking the glorious Wellington harbour.

Trish (Baritone) lives in Kapiti works for a legal publishing company, training lawyers how to use legal online products, and she is also a part-time celebrant.  When not barbershopping, Trish enjoys aquafitness and baking (lucky for Mick, see above!)

While Smooth Delivery builds its repertoire, they also eat, drink, seek merriment, and try not to take themselves too seriously.  Our feelings and emotions about barbershop quartetting are encapsulated best in this whakatauki:


"Tū whitia te hopo, mairangitia te angitū"

(Feel the trepidation and do it anyway...)



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