Leigh Agnew

Rising Star

Congratulations to Leigh Agnew from Christchurch City Chorus, our inaugural Shooting Star Awards winner.

Christchurch City Chorus say “Leigh Agnew came to Christchurch City Chorus just a few months before COVID was about to arrive on our doorstep. That didn’t stop Leigh from getting involved in chorus life with a huge smile and a positive attitude. Leigh joined the Front Row of Christchurch City Chorus soon after we returned to chorus from lockdown. She is quick to learn and her positive attitude are assets to the Front Row team.

In 2021, she was persuaded to join the Management Team, stating at her first meeting she would be able to take on the Finance Coordinator’s Role. She has been a valued member of our Management Team. With realistic and achievable goals, she is always encouraging and committed to finding resolutions for difficult tasks.

She took on the role as Convention Coordinator for the 2022 Regional Convention, a task which has served her well, in preparation for our trip to Auckland this year.

During lockdown, our chorus used ZOOM as a means of connecting with our members, our leaders and others in the Sweet Adeline’s organization. On our return to chorus, ZOOM was no longer the best option for those who needed to learn from home instead of attending rehearsal. Leigh has set us up with Facebook Live Stream and is always prepared at the beginning of rehearsal, sharing videos, audio clips and music on the big screen to make learning easier for all.

Leigh has also joined a small group of singers within Christchurch City Chorus, being committed to learning extra music and sharing her love of singing. She is part of the future of our chorus, having knowledge of the Sweet Adeline’s organization, being a member of the Management Team, Front Row and she is committed to chorus with her obliging, respectful and supportive manner.”

Congratulations Leigh!

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