Jordan Ridgway

Shooting Star

Congratulations to Jordan Ridgway from Waikato Rivertones Chorus, our 2024 Shooting Star Awards winner.

Waikato Rivertones Chorus say “Everything singing and music related brings Jordan joy - especially singing in harmony with fellow music lovers. She attended an open night in June 2022, and knew she wanted to be part of such a glorious sound within the first minute of listening to the chorus sing. Three weeks later she passed her audition and to say she hasn’t looked back is an understatement!

In November 2023 Jordan joined the Rivertones on stage in Louisville Kentucky to perform in the international competition! To quote her ‘it was an absolute highlight and an amazing experience.’

Jordan has now been appointed co-lead of the visual team and floor team captain.

She has responsibilities for leading the floor team, creating and leading warm ups, and is responsible for the visual communication of several songs. She loves being on the floor team and enjoys learning the moves and combining movement and singing.

Jordan not only brings the most gorgeous voice to chorus but a bubbly, positive ‘can do’ attitude. She inspires other members with her commitment to be an active member when she is also a young mum (luckily for us her family are also very supportive). She gets involved with the chorus fundraisers, attends sing outs and shows huge initiative in everything she does.

She is looking forward to many, many years of singing to come, and is already truly hooked on barbershop. In her short time with us Jordan has shown she is a leader already. Watch this space barbershop world! Waikato Rivertones are so very grateful you found us.”

Congratulations Jordan!

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