Teejay Bannister

Rock Star

Congratulations to TeeJay Bannister from Faultline Chorus our inaugural Rock Star Award Winner!

Faultline Chorus say “Faultline knew we were lucky to find TeeJay the first night she walked in the door 9 years ago. It only took a moment to see we had a rock star in our midst - a stunning lead voice and a performer you couldn’t take your eyes off.

We didn’t know we were doubly lucky and that TeeJay was also going to be a rock star behind the scenes. Management and Music Team Member, Section Leader, Visual Communication Team, tech support, and a superb role model doing everything with passion and flair.

As a relatively new member, TeeJay poured her skills and passion into the Publicity role on the management team, transforming our weekly chorus communications and finetuning our membership drive and marketing material into detailed project plans we have been able to keep using successfully for many years.

When asked to step up into a leadership role on our music team, TeeJay didn’t hesitate and has been our lead section leader for the past six years. She goes above and beyond in this role - providing amazing resources, detailed individual feedback and development plans for the section, teaching and demonstrating craft and is always available with a supportive ear. A fiercely proud leader she advocates for and celebrates her section.

TeeJay also contributes to our visual communication team, both out in front of the chorus supporting the visual learning and behind the scenes planning performance packages and running stage makeup sessions.

TeeJay is also awesome tech support - setting up for live streaming rehearsals, or handling the tech side seamlessly on zoom rehearsals, along with spending hours uploading and time-stamping coaching videos.

Beyond the chorus, TeeJay used her fabulous vocal skills to record the voice-over for Region 35’s Sweet Adelines International Travel in Tune promotional video. She was co-host for the Harmony Aotearoa - The At Home Edition virtual convention in 2022. For both projects she gave of her time and talent without hesitation. Recently, TeeJay recorded learning material for our new regional song Pepeha. We believe TeeJay is the ultimate Rock Star!”

Congratulations TeeJay!

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