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F.A.B Quartet

We became a registered Sweet Adeline’s quartet in November 2016.
Our name was conceived after an evening of laughter and fun, and realising we were all Blonde. So what could be more perfect than F.A.B. It stands for “Fun and Blonde”.

We have competed in two Regional competitions and been in the top 10 each time. This year we are competing with a new Baritone.
Living in the same city and belonging to Christchurch City Chorus, makes it easy for us to get together regularly, to sing, laugh, have fun and to hone our skills. 
Competing is important to us as is a fine balance of having fun too. We love to entertain and share our barbershop sound. 

Introducing our Tenor - Nicky McCaughan. Funky and Blonde  and our Chorus Choreographer and Showmanship Specialist. Front Row Team Leader. 
Introducing our Lead - Susanne Anderson. Fit and Blonde    and a Chorus Section Leader and on the Chorus Showmanship Team and Front Rower.
Introducing our Bass - Sandra Lawrence. Flamboyant and Blonde and a Mentor for new Bass Chorus members.
Introducing our Baritone - Sarah Bynevelt. Flexible and Blonde and our Chorus Assistant Choreographer and on the Showmanship Team, and also a Front Rower. 

We have lots of “Fun” thinking up MC material using the letters in our name. 
We are Fun, Friendly, Fastidious, Funny, Fantastic, Fabulous and Blonde. Hmmm time to think up some “B” words.......... 

Quartet Contact : Sandra Lawrence 0211547013 or [email protected]

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