Heather Jonson

  • Member of SAI since 1998.
  • 7 Regional Gold Medals with Christchurch City Chorus
  • 4 times on the International stage with Christchurch City Chorus - 17th, 11th, 9th and 6th place
  • 6 times top 10 at Regional Quartet Competitions
  • Section/Small Chorus management
  • Background in education, counselling, social science and community development
  • 8 years coaching Quartets, YWIH and Choruses
  • Director/Leader of 'Tonic' a small group of up to 15 members within CCC for 5 years, and Quartet Co-ordinator for 4 years
  • Showmanship/developing emotional plan/presentation
  • Group facilitation/development of chorus structure/systems to enhance success
  • Understanding of vocal skills and craft
Able to coach
  • Choruses of any size or level
  • Quartets
  • Lead section development.
  • YWIH

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